Venetian Blinds

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25mm Venetian Blinds

If you are looking for the timeless style of a classic, then you will admire our 25mm Venetian blinds

The ever-popular Venetian blind is arguably the most versatile blind in the world. There is virtually no domestic or commercial situation, from kitchen to lounge, boardroom to bathroom, conservatory skylight to office foyer that cannot be met by a Venetian blind.

They are now stronger, easier to operate than in years gone by and the modern range of Venetians is one of the company’s top selling blinds.

 Aluminium brushed metallic finishes in colours such as soft browns, beige, ivory greys and charcoals are all very popular but there is a virtually unlimited palette and your consultant can show you samples to complement your décor and setting.

25mm Venetian Blinds


25mm Venetian Blinds 25mm Venetian Blinds 25mm Venetian Blinds


In addition to the contemporary blind colours available in the Venetian range, there is a selection of toning or contrasting head rail colours from which to choose to complete your look.

All head rails are manufactured in aluminium and finished with our powder coating finish for a guaranteed long life. We always put a spare slat on the bottom rail – just in case you damage or break one and need a quick replacement.

Our tilt rods have some clever design features. They are plastic coated steel so they are tough and very unlikely to break. With our tilt rods, less turns of the rod are required to open and shut the blind slats, making them efficient to use.

The bottom rails used on our Venetian blinds, unlike many other blinds on the market, are moulded in such a way to prevent dust and moisture being captured and retained in the rail – an important consideration for both health and blind maintenance.
For convenience and ease of operation, motorisation is available with wall mounted and remote operation.
Motorisation Available



25mm Venetian Blinds


25mm Venetian Blinds


25mm Venetian Blinds


50mm Venetian Blinds

Whether you are renewing your old classic 50mm Venetian blinds or creating a post-modern retro look, 50mm Venetians are back in vogue.

Venetians are now one of the most contemporary blinds on the market, they are perfect for allowing ambient light inside but at the same time protecting your furniture from direct sunlight.

The new 50mm Venetians are stronger, easier to operate and available in many classic and contemporary colours that will make a bold fashion statement in any home or commercial setting.

50mm Venetian Blinds
50mm Venetian Blinds 50mm Venetian Blinds

50mm Venetian Blinds

As with all of our Venetians, the top and bottom rails are powder coated for long life and we provide a spare slat on the bottom rail. 50mm venetians utilise our heavy duty cedar blind headrail system with cord control tilt function and our bottom rails are moulded to repel dust and moisture. Motorisation is available with wall mounted and remote operation. 50mm Venetians are the way of the future, as they have been the way of the past.

Motorisation Available 
50mm Venetian Blinds 50mm Venetian Blinds 50mm Venetian Blinds


Perforated 25mm Venetian Blinds

Suited to interior commercial applications, our Perforated blinds are ideal when a semi-opaque venetian is required.

Perforated blinds with their finely punched slats present a softer look that permits some light to pass through even when they are fully closed.

These are the perfect style of blind for internal offices when some privacy is required without creating a block out situation.

Our Perforated blinds are available in a select range of colours in 25mm slats presenting a smart professional ambience to the work environment.
Note: Motorisation is not available for Perforated Venetians.

Perforated Venetians
Perforated Venetians Perforated Venetians Perforated Venetians

Privacy Venetian Blinds

Standard Venetian blinds provide good light control and privacy. However if you are looking for a Venetian blind that offers superior coverage and tighter closure, ask one of our consultants about our Privacy Venetians. These premium Venetians are manufactured using a smaller 18mm ladder string which provides more overlap of the aluminium slats. These stylish blinds are our finest Venetian product and the ideal solution where total light control and extra security and privacy are required.

Note: Motorisation is not available for Privacy Venetians



Venetian Blind Specification Data (download PDF file 1.0Mb)

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