Specialty Blinds

Finding a window covering solution for an unusually shaped window or door is something Window Treatments is well known for.

We have been creating original ‘specialty blinds’ to meet all manner of unique applications since the company began operating in 1984.

Because each ‘specialty blind’ requirement is different and totally unique, it is impossible to list examples of every solution we have tailor made. However, some of the main options we have developed are shown here.

A new and innovative speciality blind which has been very popular is our fixed screen. Fixed screens are used for irregular shaped windows which are often in “out of reach” places, but need light or heat control. They are manufactured with either pinus radiata frames or magnetic frames which are discreet and custom made for every application.

If you have the need for a window treatment option that is not currently available commercially, your local Window Treatments’ consultant will be only too pleased to discuss your requirements and work with our Head Office designers to provide a solution for your needs.

Because we design and make most of our own componentry we have the ability to create window treatment solutions to order.
Please do not hesitate to contact us – we guarantee we will be able to come up with the answers.



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