Skylight Blinds

The perfect light control solution for skylights and conservatories is our Skylight blinds.

Aesthetically pleasing, insulating and easy to operate we offer both Blocco Honeycomb Pleated and Venetian blind options for use in these situations, with a variety of mountings, tracks and track fittings to meet all requirements.

As with all Window Treatments’ blinds, Skylight blinds are tailored exactly to meet your requirements, with individual solutions provided to the problems of mounting blinds in unconventional settings.

Controls are purpose-built to meet all the possible demands placed on them and designed to create a perfect, good-looking and functional solution. Operation can be either manual or motorised.

Stylish and incredibly convenient – Skylight blinds are perfect for any hard-to-reach application. Motorisation is available with electrically powered discreet and quiet tubular motors which are operated by wall mounted switch, remote control or interfaced with a building management system.


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