Cedar & Wood Blinds

Cedar Blinds

If you wish to introduce warmth and texture in a natural, organic material to your decor, then the solution is installing timeless Cedar blinds. An added bonus to the beauty of cedar is its natural thermal qualities keeping you warm during those cold winter months.

The warm glow of western red cedar is for many, the perfect finish to a room

Cedar is chosen because of its superb colour and because it is regarded as the most stable wood of its type in the world. Cleaning cedar is simply a matter of wiping down the slats with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

At approximately half the weight of other timbers used in blind and shutter applications, the light weight of cedar helps prolong the life of the other blind components.

Bottom rails are in cedar and the wooden cord tidy has UV treated polyester and nylon tilt cords. All other components are also UV treated and colour co-ordinated to complete the ‘wood’ effect.

Introducing natural materials into your home’s decor gives you the opportunity to introduce interest without fuss. Marble, granite, stone and timbers are all now showing in our interiors and reflect a shift towards the organic. The western red cedar used in our blinds is exceptionally beautiful wood. It has natural colourings in mellow ambers, reddish cinnamons and rich sienna browns. Its warm colouring is complemented by a uniform, fine-grained texture with a satin lustre.

Cedar is also an excellent thermal insulator. The low density and presence of air spaces make it the best insulator of any available softwood. These properties will assist in insulating your home from the heat in summer and from losing warmth through your glazing in winter. This amazing timber also has the ability to absorb and dissipate sound energy, so you’ll find with Cedar blinds your rooms not only look stylish and inviting but they are also well insulated and quieter.

Selecting a slat size

45mm & 60mm ...
Creating an outstanding feature in any room 45mm or 60mm Cedar blinds are an enriching decorating statement.

Combining the function of a conventional Venetian with the wonderful finish of rich western red cedar these blinds are the choice for those who like to be bold.

The 45mm and 60mm Cedar blinds feature an electroglav steel head rail for extra strength and have a cedar valance on the head rail. The bottom rail is also made from cedar to provide a superb integrated look.

Window Treatments’ 45mm Cedar blinds are available in a lacquered finish (clear polyurethane).

All the Window Treatments’ components used on the 45mm and 60mm Cedar blind are manufactured especially to allow easy, smooth operation.


Wood Blinds - Painted Finish

If your home decor is more suited to a slick contemporary painted look, and you love the qualities of wood, then our  wood blind painted option is perfect for you. Our timber is grown in sustainable forests worldwide.

With all the benefits of longevity, thermal insulating and acoustic properties combined with the strengths of natural durability, our painted wood blinds offer the best of both worlds.

We employ the latest technology in our paint division to achieve a high quality finish on our painted wood blinds. This seamless finish means your timber blinds are water resistant, and the ultra-smooth surface ensures ease of cleaning. A quick wipe with a soft, damp cloth is all that is required.



Our standard colour range options include Snow White and Bone. Optional extra: painted to the colour of your choice. Both standard and optional colour options are available for 45mm and 60mm slat size options.

Our consultants can show you colour samples and finishes and assist your decision making. If you wish to order a colour outside of our standard range, please discuss this with one of our customer consultants. 

Motorisation Available


Horizontal Blinds Specification Data (download PDF file 1.0MB)

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