Blocco Roller Blinds - maximum light reduction

Brand new to our stable of products is our Blocco Roller System.

For the first time in New Zealand we can now offer this exclusive maximum light reduction blind which incorporates a head cassette containing the roller mechanism and side channels which are designed to minimise light entering the room. The finished system is refined, compact and aesthetically very pleasing but most of all provides a complete solution where room darkening is required.

The system can be operated manually by a control chain or motorised with remote control or via a building management system.
Blocco is constructed with our standard ACMEDA controllers. The cassette, side channels and bottom rail are available in black, white or anodised with other special powder coated colours on request.

Blocco Roller system is the perfect solution when maximum light reduction is required in commercial environments such as schools, hotels, hospitals and residential applications such as home theatre rooms and bedrooms.

Blocco Roller Blind

Blocco Roller Blind


Blocco Roller Blind
Blocco Honeycomb Pleated Blind

Key Features

  • Maximum light reduction design
  • Fully enclosed cassette and side channels
  • Funnel side guides with brush which encapsulate fabric
  • Chain (manual) control or motorised control with remote or wall switch
  • Brush under bottom rail to limit light intrusion
  • Depending on the fabric chosen, the maximum width for a single cassette can be up to 3000mm and maximum drop up to 3000mm. Note: total area (width x drop) can not exceed 6.5m2


Blocco Honeycomb Blinds - for Skylights and Perpendicular windows

The perfect light and heat control solution for skylights and conservatories. The four-sided frame of the Blocco Honeycomb Blind eliminates light intrusion on the sides of the blind on both perpendicular and skylight windows. The raising and lowering of the blind is made possible with a looped belt drive, inside both side channels which are simultaneously driven by the motor located in the headrail.

Aesthetically pleasing, insulating and easy to operate we offer Blocco Honeycomb Blinds with Block Out and Light Filtering fabrics in a variety of colours.


As with all Window Treatments’ blinds, Blocco Honeycomb Blinds are tailored exactly to meet your requirements, with individual solutions provided to the problems of mounting blinds in unconventional settings.


Operation can be either manual (push/pull pole, handle) or motorised with either a Dooya or Somfy tubular motor. Control of the motorised option is by wall mounted switch, remote control or interfaced with a building management system.

Blocco Honeycomb Pleated Blind
Blocco Honeycomb Pleated Blind Blocco Honeycomb Pleated Blind  



  • Blocco Blinds - Download Specification Data (706Kb)


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