Manufacturing Division

To ensure superior quality and consistency for our customers, Window Treatments’ products are manufactured by our own fully trained and skilled staff in a high-tech plant in Christchurch.

Much of the equipment used in the manufacture of our products has been specifically designed and built for the company – a fact that makes Window Treatments unique and well positioned to incorporate and commission new technology as required. This ensures production of our blinds, shutters, awnings and insect screens is consistently flawless and efficient.

We also manufacture a large percentage of the components used throughout the product range, and many of these have been designed in-house. For the customer, this has many benefits including ready availability of replacement parts or servicing and the ability to cater to specialist design/installation requirements.

A stable local work force, in conjunction with our manufacturing management systems, ensures we have the ability to increase output at relatively short notice without compromising product quality. This ability to meet special high volume commissions and tight customer deadlines is characteristic of the total commitment that our staff have to ensuring customer satisfaction.


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