Export Division

You’ll see our blinds, shutters and awnings on your travels. Our products are especially sought after by resorts and hotel chains in the South Pacific – Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Samoa and the Cook Islands; Asia – Japan, Singapore and the Maldives, the Seychelles in Eastern Africa, Guam and Dubai in the Middle East.

Window Treatments International Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Window Treatments NZ Ltd, is our active export company. All international enquiries are dealt with from our Head Office in Christchurch, New Zealand and consultants and installers are ready to travel throughout the world as required.

Window Treatments’ product is marketed globally in the following sectors:

  • resort refurbishment
  • finished product to the end user

We are delighted with the growth in our export client base and our ability to cater to the ever changing needs of the international market. Our reputation for quality and our ability to supply throughout the world has amazed many overseas buyers and competitors. We pride ourselves on being able to supply small or large orders, anywhere in the world, quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.


For further assistance or enquiries contact:

Export Sales
Phone :  +64 3 343 1878
Fax :  +64 3 343 0277
Mobile :  +64 27 472 0554
Email :  export@window-treatments.co.nz


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